What's This About?

Hello, I'm David Radovanovic. I finally decided to visit Croatia. In September of 2017, my wife Melissa and I flew into Dubrovnik and immediately fell in love with this amazing place.

After several nights stay, we traveled to Trstenik, my father Nikola's hometown. We were greeted with smiles and big hugs from my Aunt Ozana and my cousins Sven and Tonci. We had never met them before, though they opened their hearts and home to us.

We vowed that we'd return every year. This website is a photo album and blog which I will be archiving my visits. And, my attempt to let the World know of this special place and the many folks, vendors, and characters that I encounter along the way. I hope you enjoy it. Please share.

About Me: I have two amazing sons, and a special wife willing to tolerate my indulgences. I'm a 30+ year professional Web Developer and Graphic Designer. I work out of two studios, one in Pittsfield Massachusetts and the other in Saugerties, New York. Oh yeah, two canines preoccupy every waking minute of my time.
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