At the writing of this page, I have had my 3rd Croatian language lesson. It’s rather difficult as an English-only speaker. The Croatian alphabet is similar to ours though accent marks above the letters determine their pronunciation. Like in English, different uses of letters in words require different pronunciations. A great Croatian Translation webpage I’ve found which gives the reader English words that help the user pronounce the letters, along with audio and samples of the letters using Croatian words. The hardest letters to master, so far are the following:

C as in the ts in the word ha’ts’, Dž sounds like the ‘dg’ in the word fu’dg’e, Đ as in the ‘d’ in sche’d’ule, Lj as the word mi’ll’ion

An acrobatic tongue and aggressive inflection is a minimal prerequisite. I will be posting my future lessons’ highlights in my Croatian Transformation blog postings.